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Welcome to Antik Cave House

Vacation is a special period of time that we can spare time for ourselves and spend some time with the people we like.

Getting rid of the stress of daily life is going to make us feel better. Just relax in magical atmosphere of Cappadocia and have good memories with your friends. Antik cavehouse is in your service to help you to get the experience of one the best vacation in your life. The old caves , people were living in and using them as kitchen, storage, winery and stable, were restored and redesigned to make you feel the ancient life style of people in new wold.

Antik cavehouse has been providing service since 2008. Our hotel has 7 rooms and each room has its own particular design. Among the 7 rooms; 2 of them are standart rooms, 2 of them are stone arched rooms and 3 of them are cave rooms.

In standart rooms, you will find remarks of Çatalhöyük which is an ancient settelment close to Cappadocia, in stone arched rooms, you will feel like you are in one of the room of a very old Turkish mansion and in the cave rooms you may have the experience of ancient Cappadocian cave houses.

As its location, our hotel is 8km from Göreme Open Air Museum, 10 km from fairy chimneys and only 1 km from town center of Ürgüp. It is located in Esbelli district which is pretty central. Our hotel is one hour from Kayseri Airport, by the way we can arrange transfer from airport to the hotel according to your demand. We will be waiting to serve you and wish you a nice holiday.